Shelah Way(non-registered)
I am Camille, Belle, Lorree & Allen Chiolero's & Breanna Way's grandmother. Dave sent an email with ur link to pictures of a play. I just found it & entered the pw wrong. Will u help me?
Mickey Smeele(non-registered)
Fotos of Us by You are heartwarming and a little bit starteling.
You captured our individual authenticity, frozen in happy-ness Forever now.
Tres bon mes amiee.
Dinner upon y our return!
Amazing photos Dave! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!
Chris Bragg(non-registered)
Great composition in Landscapes and Architecture. More birds in your future? Coyote Hills will provide plenty year round.
Judy Peters(non-registered)
Wow! Looking forward to following this Dave. Shared it with my kids too,, thank you.
Well done !
Tim Lewis(non-registered)
Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing.
Michel Avenel(non-registered)
Very impressive. Look forward to seeing more!!
Gloria Caufield(non-registered)
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Sandy Scott(non-registered)
Wonderful work David - you just keep getting better & better
Henk DeGraaf(non-registered)
Excellent pictures, hope you add a lot more!
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