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More from the Mammoth  Terraces.  Amazing landscape scenery and pefect lighting.Log Cabin at Mormon Row.Grand Tetons from Gros Venture RoadChipmunk sittin' pretty.Big Bull ElkTime for a close up.   He mosied closer and closer to me.  I still managed to keep outside the "25 yards" required.KX6C0326-EditPounce.  My favorite shot of the hunting CoyoteBison at SunsetGrand Prismatic from the Fairy Falls trail and a little scrambling up a steep hill.Grand Prismatic PanoramaThe Road to the Grand Tetons.Grand Teton BisonsGrand Canyon of YellowstoneGrand Prismatic Spring Closeup PanoramaFirehole SpringOxbow BendLower Falls Rainbow.Shadows of Lamar ValleyKX6C8123

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